Our History

The Briarwood School was started in the summer of 1967 by Yvonne and Dave Streit, who were unable to find a school or facility capable of teaching their severely handicapped daughter. Using her degrees in psychology and education as a basis, Mrs. Streit spent several years traveling the country from Purdue to UCLA looking for effective programs for educating children with developmental disorders. She took the best ideas, recruited a special education teacher, an art teacher, and a physical therapist, gathered six students in her backyard, and started teaching. By fall, the enrollment had tripled, and the school met at Memorial Drive Baptist Church.Swing

Soon children who were not handicapped and had average to above average IQ’s were being brought to the Streits by frustrated and concerned parents. Their children were failing in school. Thus, the unique concept of having both populations in one school began and has developed steadily for over 40 years.

Over 10,000 students have attended Briarwood & Tuttle School.