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The new Tuttle School Motor Lab is based on the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds program, designed by Athena Oden, PT. Students participate in the motor lab twice a week during their P.E. class period. The students rotate through a series of 2 minute activities or “stations” specially designed to help stimulate and develop the reflex, tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, visual and auditory systems. The goal of the Tuttle School Motor Lab is to improve sensory integration, as well as perceptual, gross, and fine motor skills, balance, and body awareness.

The website for the program is readybodies.com


  • Students learn about art elements and principles, cultures, artists, history, and styles through a multi-sensory and meaningful experience.
  • The class focuses on the individual student’s ability, effort, and personal expression.
  • Students are taught the elements of art, line, shape, form, color, space, composition and texture. 


  • Each Tuttle School student participates in music to encourage appropriate speech and language, reinforce social interactive skills and to support integrated body movements
  • Students perform two musical productions per year

Life Zone

  • In a classroom environment, students are taught skills for independence and successful everyday living in the home
  • The curriculum and activities provide opportunities to learn basic survival skills, personal grooming and health, food preparation, and housework
  • Healthy Nutrition Choices: recipe selections and cooking activities
  • Personal health and wellness instruction

“We give our students learning opportunities outside the classroom and get them in the community to put their skills to work!” TS Teacher

Work ForceFilingPapers

  • Students are provided opportunities to develop and improve job readiness skills, learn appropriate work behaviors, and establish a positive work ethic
  • For qualifying students, an off-campus work/training site is provided at the Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas, one day a week
  • Alternative sites are researched for qualifying students

Community-Based Vocational Instruction

  • Students are provided opportunities to develop and improve job readiness skills and learn acceptable work behaviors
  • Off-campus work/training sites at the Brookwood Community in Brookshire, Texas and local community businesses are provided for qualified students on a weekly basis

 Community-Based Instruction (CBI)

  • Instructional activities that are planned and taught within the students’ community
  • CBI provides opportunities for skills mastered in the school setting to be generalized into community settings, thereby preparing students for more meaningful transition upon graduation

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