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Our school has fifty years of educational, psychomotor, physical education, social, skills, vocational and community development for students with intellectual disabilities. The Tuttle School strives to provide an educational experience that capitalizes on the mind, body and spirit of each student. Tuttle School is high structured, but the setting is also nurturing and fun.

Each student is an integral part of the Tuttle School community which forms a complete and spectacular whole. There are infinite rewards in creating an atmosphere where children are able to express themselves, communicate effectively and utilize the skills they learn every day to find independence and ultimately succeed.

Individualized Instruction

Individual student instruction, based on assessment, guides the acquisition of specific academic, social, skills for life, and vocational skills that are in agreement with parent expectations for their child.

Emphasis during any of the various programs is to develop a student’s independence and interdependence as each student experiences learning opportunities. These learning opportunities are provided ranging through one-to-one, small group or large group instruction. Students develop a sense of community and learn how to become a member of their school community. Community-Based Instruction (CBI) helps students to generalize the skills they have acquired through classroom instruction.


Highly trained through immersion in professional development, the faculty in the Tuttle School are recognized by parents for their longevity, expertise and passion for their students and families, and for reaching above and beyond to tap into a student’s strengths.

“Learning takes place from morning carpool to afternoon carpool every day, not just in the classrooms.” TS Teacher

Character Education



The Tuttle School offers friendship opportunities for children who may never had have a successful play date or birthday experience. Through friendships, the social well being for both the student and the parent has immeasurable value. The ability to know that your child has friends and is accepted and invited eases the heartache of what a child has experienced in other environments. The opportunities for friendships through Tuttle School are endless.

Student Council

Tuttle School students participate in Student Council, often a first for many. Through Student Council, students organize and support food drives, blanket drives for local animal shelters, book drives and other community needs. Teaching our students the importance of volunteering and of giving back to others fosters the value of character and humanitarian services.


Physical Fitness

Physical fitness opportunities are offered daily with an emphasis on developing motor skills, as well as competitive, athletic skills via Special Olympics. Tuttle School athletes compete locally and have traveled as far as China to compete in the International Games. With a facility that includes two gymnasiums, a state-of-the art track and field, many sports are offered. Students may compete at either the individual skills level or the team level. There is a sports opportunity for every student in Tuttle School.

Summer Camps

With day and overnight camps offerings, our students are provided fun, social opportunities that are similar to those of their siblings. For many families, the summer camps provide breaks (respite services), often a first-time experience for parents and siblings. The most important thing is that the students have fun!